Hello! I'm using this blog as a place to document my vintage fashion research. I am trying to locate period photos of garments and objects, and discover more information about the designers or the shops where the items were sold. I also plan to document examples of vintage tags and labels. My first post is on a green David Crystal dress originally sold at Nicholas Ungar in Portland, Oregon. It features a lovely mid-century pattern, beautiful honeycomb smocking, and cute bows at the wrists. I found a photo of Christina Maria Berlin (daughter of the President of the Hearst Corporation) in the August 1966 issue of Town & Country magazine (page 105) wearing an identical dress (with none other than Mick Jagger and Linda Eastman). The original photo was taken as part of June 1966's cover feature on the Rolling Stones. You can read more about the making of the June 1966 cover here, where Town and Country Magazine's website also says "Previously, Berlin had a Hearst newspaper press pass produced in order to bear witness when the Beatles arrived at JFK."  (You can also see a color version of this photo on Catriona Gray's website.)

Photo from a 1966 Town & Country Magazine. T&C staff member Christina Maria Berlin (Left) is wearing a David Crystal dress. 

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