These are two advertisements for Filene's French Shops Boston. The top is from September 1950 and the bottom ad is from September 1951. Filene's Department Store in Boston carried the "most distinguished names in fashion" in their "French Shops." The designers listed in fall 1950 are: Vincent Monte Sano, Maurice Rentner, Sophie (Sophie Gimbel of Saks), Irene, Christian Dior, Adrian, B. H. Wragge, Maximilian, Pauline Trigere, Nettie Rosenstein, and Hattie Carnegie.
In September 1951 the designers advertised were: Howard Greer, Vincent Monte Sano, Hattie Carnegie, Christian Dior, Maximilian, Adrian, Maurice Rentner, Sophie, B. H. Wragge, Traina Norell, Nettie Rosenstein, and Irene. 
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